Castle Drawing – How to Draw a Fantasy Castle

Fantasy castles are really just imaginative drawings based on real existing castles of the world and there are some great sites that feature some extensive photos of actual castles from all around the world. And this is what this article is about, drawing a fantasy inspired castle based upon real life castles.

Although it is best to take certain elements of existing castles and mix and match them to make your castles original, really though a fantasy castle drawing works best when you try to draw them against a fantasy landscape backdrop, as this frames your castle drawing and puts the focus to the viewer of the artwork piece right on the castle regardless where it is positioned in the picture.

Starting with a loose sketch, draw the size and the shape of your castle building and mark out a few of the towers and a bit of the mountain that the castle will be situated, by sketching lightly in draft, you are creating a sense of what you want to achieve, make sure you’re beginning pencil lines begin to lay the foundation of your overall drawing.

Now we need to develop the drawing even further, more sketching is required to work up more of the castle’s structure and the mountain side, a sketchier approach will bring out some wonderful random pencil lines that will help you to place more detail later on and the towers are sketched a little harder with the roofs all marked in, start to add windows at this point and a main entrance to make it more scaled down to a specific castle building.

Sometimes another pencil may be required so use a soft 2b pencil for adding darker lines and some shading where it is needed for the drawing to show some kind of light source and where the darkness falls, much of the details are also added now, like more brickwork detail and rock detail on the mountain side as well as what could be in the background landscape such as a few hills and the moon, you’ll see by now that the castle has come along way from that initial sketch that you did in the first step.

An optional inking of all of the dark areas could be used to make the black ink drawing lines contrast against the white of the papers surface, this is a comic book method that is not really required if you feel that your drawing looks okay the way it does in pencil, so feel free to draw a castle in your own way.

Source by Wayne A Tully

Waking Up On Time With a Timex Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is extremely important to have because it’s always important to get to work on time. However, it’s also important to buy the right alarm style clock. The right clock with an alarm for everyone is one that is durable, will work each and every time, and has nice sounds to wake up to as no one wants to wake up to that awful buzzing sound. Finding the right one could be hard, or it could be easy as long one just buys a Timex alarm clock. Alarm style clocks made by Timex are always a great buy, and that is why this article will discuss three different models offered by Timex.

A very inexpensive model is the Timex Extra Loud LED Alarm Clock, model number T101B. This Timex clock is made especially for deep sleepers who can’t seem to wake up to regular alarms. It allows people to choose between a soft buzzer and a loud buzzer, which can wake up people who tend to be deep sleepers. It has a large snooze button that will provide an extra five minutes of sleep. Also, this particular product can be easily reset with just the press of a button. The only downside to this product is that it only buzzes, which can be an annoying sound to wake up to. However, the price is right at only about $8.

The Timex Solar Powered Radio Controlled Atomic Alarm Clock, model number T065S, is another great model. This Timex alarm clock displays the time, the temperature, the date, and the day of the week on the display screen. The nice thing about this clock is that it has a radio, so one can wake up to his or her favorite radio station each and every day. This particular product is also quite inexpensive as it costs only about $15.

The Timex Color Changing Alarm Cock Radio with Bedtime Beats, model number T205W, is a very unique model. This Timex alarm clock actually changes colors! It displays the time and the radio station on the display screen. What makes this clock special, though, is that it allows people to wake up to the radio, a buzzer, or nature sounds! It looks great, it provides a lot of alarm options, and it’s very inexpensive as it costs only about $25 brand new. I hope this article has been beneficial to those looking for a high quality alarm style clock.

Source by Dave Gorski

Memory Foam Mattress Guide

We’ve all seen the commercials for memory foam showing how it forms to your body and gives support. But for the average consumer, there are more things to consider. What are the different types, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and of course, how much is it going to cost?

There are several factors consider when buying a visco elastic foam mattress. The first is the ILD (indentation load deflection). The ILD is the force required to make a 1in deep depression with a 50in disc in a piece of foam that measures 15 x 15 x 3in. Put more simply, it is the firmness of the memory foam. An ILD of 10-11 is soft, an ILD of 12-16 is firm, and an ILD of 16-20 is extra firm. Most mattresses fall between 12 and 16. Another term for this is IFD (indentation force deflection), but it is the same thing as ILD.

The density of the foam, measured in pounds per cubic foot, should also be considered. You should look for a mattress that measures at least 3 lbs density, as anything else won’t provide enough support. Denser foam is generally better for support and is more durable, but it will trap more heat.

Visco elastic foam mattresses are more expensive than spring mattresses. They range from around $300 to well over $1000. Some of this has to do with the size and features of the mattress, but some of it also has to do with quality. Beware of memory foam mattresses that seem unusually inexpensive, as these are often inferior products.

Advantages of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses relieve pressure points found in normal mattresses. They can ease joint pain and back aches, and make for more restful sleep. Since motion is not as easily transferred, you are also less likely to disturb your partner if you share a bed. Furthermore, memory foam generally houses fewer dust mites, which can be a benefit to allergy and asthma sufferers. They are also more durable than regular mattresses.

The Disadvantages

As mentioned above, memory foam traps heat much more than regular mattresses. This can be nice in the winter, but uncomfortable in the summer. New mattresses are often have a chemical smell and should be aired out to get rid of this smell. In some cases the smell causes respiratory irritation. Memory foam may also be unsafe for babies and small children as they could suffocate when the soft foam makes it more difficult to turn over. Also, while ILD ratings make a good reference point, temperature and humidity can alter the firmness of the foam. It is important to test out the mattress yourself before buying.

Source by Alison Wendel

The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping at the Dollar Retailers

As caregivers, we all appreciate a superior offer, primarily in this economy. Purchasing at one particular of the different dollar retailers (The Greenback Shop, The Greenback Tree, The 99 Cent Retailer, and so on.) can shave fairly a bit off your regular monthly house and care supplying funds.

The most important issue to retain in brain when buying at these low cost shops is that they are not held to the high specifications that the grocery merchants are. So you will have to be mindful what you obtain.

The Do Purchases:

Cleansing merchandise are explained to be a very good price at the greenback shops. And if you occur across a title model that you belief, go forward and obtain it. It can be protected.

Usually talking, bleach is bleach is bleach and most of other cleaning goods have the exact ingredients as the name manufacturers. (Veronica Bright of Hub Webpages states that she located a fantastic cleaner known as Indicate Eco-friendly at the Dollar Shop which she says is astounding!) Sponges are normally a superior get, as nicely.

Greeting playing cards are a fantastic greenback retail store find. Brand name title playing cards can price tag as a great deal as $5.00 a piece and at the dollar store, you can uncover properly made cards for as little as fifty cents a piece. I inventory up on the “homemade scrapbook-like” playing cards so that I’m never ever with no the ideal card. I have also observed some really rather and well created Present bags as nicely as paper shred. The ribbon did not look to be a lot of a bargain.

Food stuff storage containers, are considerably less high-priced and from my expertise, hold up as effectively as the grocery keep makes. I purchase the aluminum foil form casserole pans to use for pot lucks and shipped church foods. I’ve also observed tortilla heaters for a dollar.

Faculty Provides can be located more cost-effective at suppliers like Target and Wallmart in the course of again-to-faculty sales but when you discover that you need poster board in January, it’s considerably far better to pay out a dollar than the $3.79 it would price at other merchants. Two sets of tabbed dividers are $1.00 as when compared to $2.50 – $3.00 at business office source retailers.

Movie Evening Candies can be expensive primarily when purchased at the theatre. The dollar outlets have identify model candies in “movie-sized” containers. Although most sugars you should not deteriorate swiftly, it really is even now a superior idea to verify the experation day.

Children’s footwear are truly a superior purchase because their ft mature so speedily. Summer months sandals and flip flops are an especially very good cut price and can be a fun gift for the grandchildren.

Photograph frames can be instead highly-priced in department stores. If you are lucky, you can come across some respectable types now and then at the greenback retail store.

Wine goblets are a great obtain. For just a greenback, you can buy big (we detest people little 4 oz glasses that do not permit the wine to breath or be swirled) sturdy glasses for both red and white wines. Now I’m not advocating that you provide your treatment receiver huge eyeglasses of wine but very long into his 80s, my father beloved wine and continue to had an excellent palate. There shouldn’t be lead in these, but I might do a little bit of study about that.

In accordance to Jeff Yeager, author of “The Cheapskate Following Door”, Spices are a fantastic obtain. I would concur with that if you happen to be not tremendous picky. It’s hard to mess up pepper or parsley but there are other spices that need greater high quality. Bear in mind to check out expiration dates.

Publications and specialty CDs are two of my preferred finds. I’ve observed some excellent existing reads and some attractive inspirational guides for just a dollar every – excellent gift goods. CDs with calming music for mediatation or bubble baths can typically be observed together with getaway CDs – just really don’t be expecting well-identified artists.

Seasonal goods are superior buys if you have not shopped the prior years’ conclusion-of-period sale. Be cautious that just about anything painted (particularly ceramics) may well incorporate direct.

The Don’ts

About-the-counter medicines and nutritional vitamins – As tempting as these are to purchase, I would not do it. As I entioned prior to, the dollar shops are not as effectively controlled and Buyer Stories has said that some nutritional vitamins didn’t have the amount of vitamins that they claimed to have on the label.

Kid’s Toys (apart from for coloring guides). I just wouldn’t have faith in the excellent.

Batteries – Lots of of the battery solutions discovered at the greenback stores are made with carbon zinc, as opposed to lithium, so they do not very last as extended. Carbon zinc can also leak, consequently executing destruction to your electronics.

Plastic and Aluminum Wraps – 1 greenback for 25 feet of aluminum foil is just not a excellent deal.

Pet Foods and Pet Toys – Once again, this is owing to lack of regulation and in my view, shodiness of products.

Gum – Costco is less costly, Amazon even much more so.

Oven mits and kitchen area towels – They’re just also slim and may perhaps not shield you from getting burnt or be pretty absorbent.

Socks – I have located them to be inadequate top quality and NOT smooth. I will say that iVillage disagrees with me and suggests them as a very good purchase. (Shoe Shining blocks are a fantastic benefit at $1.00 for a pack of 2. I’ve seen these at Nordstrom for $5.95 just about every.) I maintain one particular in the automobile in order to promptly wipe off smudges in advance of doctors’ appointments or church provider.)

Electric power cords – Once more, in my feeling, they are poor top quality and could problems your electronics. Duct tape, sand paper, painter’s tape and bungee cords are superior though.

Sodas – Sodas can be found fewer costly in other places.

Child products – Keep away from them owing to deficiency of regulation. (I’ve in no way noticed diapers out there nevertheless.)

Perishables – Certainly and NO A bunch of green onions for a dollar is not a steal when they can be ordered for 79 cents in other places. But I once observed a giant package deal of ginger root for .99 cents – now which is a steal! I also observed some good connoisseur caramel popcorn with almonds and some chocolate lined pretzels (that I normally purchased wholesale for my giftbaskets at $3.00 a package). If you are aware of your normal grocery store price ranges, and there is a brand out there that you believe in, go forward and acquire. Once more, just be certain to verify expiration dates.

Grooming things are iffy but really worth checking out. Shampoo is a good uncover as are scrubbies/loofahs. Merchandise like Chapstick and Vaseline can frequently be discovered there and my incredibly beloved cleaning soap (Yardley oatmeal and almond) is just about generally readily available at the greenback retailer. Nail information, deals of combs, tooth flossing sticks are of benefit. Skip the cotton swabs (far too flimsy and could be dangerous), make-up (thanks to lack of regulation), and make-up remover pads (can I just say UGH!?).

Also remember that several dollar kind suppliers acknowledge coupon codes so do not fail to remember to carry those along.

What are YOUR favored finds?

Resource by Shelley Webb

Best 3 T-Shirts for Screen-Printing

1. Fruit of the Loom Weighty Cotton T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom delivers a broad vary of promotional T-shirts for monitor-printing but their Hefty Cotton T lasts to be the most well-known in the Uk offering good quality and benefit backed by a recognizable manufacturer. Produced particularly for decoration with a great knit gauge and open up conclusion yarn this shirt can take care of repeat washes and intricate display-prints.

Fruit of the Loom are the only imprint manufacturer to use Belcoro licenced yarn for their materials, yarns that are developed on specialist spinning machines which have been mounted at their production plant in Morocco. This attention to quality fabric indicates the Hefty T offers a far more secure and restricted printing region with much less free fibers and a &#39comfortable hand&#39 sense. Fruit of the Loom are one of the earth&#39s premier vertically integrated producer (meaning they handle all features of production from cotton subject to finished garment), making around 1.9 million T-shirts every single week from their Moroccan primarily based facility by itself. The firm abides by their &#39Fruit Code&#39 – a code of perform that outlines Fruit of the Loom&#39s motivation to producing garments in an moral and environmentally pleasant way. The Fruit of the Loom Major Cotton T is Oeko-Tex accepted and is available in 8 colours and measurements from little to 3XL.

2. Gildan Large Cotton T-Shirt

Gildan is currently the major leisurewear manufacturer in the display-print sector in the US and Canada. Their hefty cotton T is designed from 100% pre-shrunk jersey cotton (apart from the activity and ash gray alternatives which incorporate smaller amounts of polyester for additional sturdiness). 100% United states of america cotton is used, cotton that has been developed and harvested ethically less than USDA and USEPA restrictions.

Other applaudable initiatives include Gildan&#39s progressive BIOTOP wastewater procedure which takes advantage of gravity, sunlight and micro-organisms to correctly eradicate the dyes and substances from the h2o. Gildan have been also the first global maker of primary attire to be accredited by the Truthful Labor Association for their labor compliance program and employ 30,000 folks globally and their significant scale remarkably productive facilities in Central The usa and the Caribbean Basin is shortly to be finished by a production hub in Bangladesh to help growth in Europe and Asia. The Gildan Heavy Cotton T is obtainable in a massive option of 35 shades and measurements modest to 3XL and when monitor-printed presents excellent results each and every time.

3. Starworld Significant T-Shirt

Starworld&#39s large cotton T-shirt is manufactured from 100% ring-spun Egyptian cotton. Ring-spun cotton is made by repeatedly twisting the strands of yarn making the brief hairs of cotton thrust out and offering a good duration of cotton fiber which is more powerful and noticeably softer to the touch. While the significant T has this softer &#39hand&#39 than its rivals arguments can be manufactured for extra trouble in making a easy graphic when display-printed.

Starworld is also a vertically built-in supplier and its creation facilities are monitored and licensed by the Egyptian Minister of Manpower. The firm is WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) which assures that personnel are properly trained and get the job done in risk-free environments. The Starworld Hefty T-shirt is out there in 21colors and measurements smaller to 3XL.

Fruit of the Loom T-shirts at the time once again appear out as the most in demand garment for T-shirt printing in our workshop, outselling the closest rivals by some way. This goes to display that the much more distinguished a model is the far more probable individuals are inclined to be attracted to it, risk-free in the understanding that you know what you&#39re finding &#39- even when pretty fantastic choices are offered.

Supply by Richard H Mather

4 Reasons Why Ear Plugs Will Enhance Your Rockstar Vocals

Every person wants to be a rocker these days and everybody needs to action in front of the microphone. Some folks essentially do it. They get the braveness, the follow, the gigs, and then they unleash their rockstar vocals.

Having said that, most untrained singers have a hard time figuring out pitch and balance within a band. It&#39s not actually popular feeling so you need to not expect to be an professional on it.

Having said that, sporting ear plugs in the course of displays, rehearsals, and performances can do miracles. Ear plugs are very simple, nonetheless great and I have 4 motives why you must don them the following time you conduct.

1. You&#39ll learn much better pitch.

Instantly, this is a very very good detail. Each individual very good singer really should sing in pitch. It&#39s like declaring just about every good batter must be in a position to hit the ball. So, why are you heading to create better pitch for your rockstar vocals? For the reason that you can listen to you now.

Have you ever discovered how substantially clearer your voice is when you plug 1 ear? Plug equally of them and see what happens. This is a purely natural reverberation that occurs within your cranium. Choose benefit of this. Soon, you&#39ll be listening to the pitches precisely as the audience does. With any luck ,, you&#39ll discover out that you&#39re not that far off.

2. Hearing other devices is simpler.

When I recommend ear plugs to musicians sometimes I get responses like “I can not listen to anybody” and “Every little thing is way too delicate now.” This is just baloney. The purpose items look that way is mainly because your ears are not employed to them. It&#39s like turning out the lights immediately after you&#39ve been starving at a radiating bulb. You&#39re gonna see all those loud light-weight circles for awhile.

If you wear ear plugs from now on, at every band rehearsal, your ears will change, and you&#39ll get started to notice the authentic melodies of the devices and not the piercing white sound from too much distortion on guitars. Right after your ears have altered you can permit your rockstar vocals lower by way of, making a much rounder, balanced sound.

3. You will not lose your voice as frequently or ever once again.

Getting rid of your voice ought to not be an option for a singer. Your human body is telling you that you&#39re executing a little something incorrect. You&#39re pushing your rockstar vocals way to really hard. If you use your ear plugs, you can develop a significantly greater attuned consciousness of how significantly energy you&#39re training when you complete. It&#39s due to that inner inner recovery I described prior to.

This also can help when you come about to complete in a club or bar with negative monitors. With your naked ears, you may perhaps not hear so great, so you overcompensate and kill your voice. Use your ear plugs and you&#39ll recognize just how a great deal hard work you truly will need to give to have rockstar vocals.

4. You will not shed your hearing.

This is the most noticeable reason to have on ear plugs. Confident, sporting them is heading to assist your consciousness of your personal voice. Nevertheless, your listening to is similarly if not extra significant than your voice. Have you ever occur house from a band rehearsal, or club, or rock display and hear that frequent ringing in your ears? That usually means you&#39ve experienced listening to loss.

I&#39m not saying you&#39re deaf now, but I am stating if your hearing was split into 100,000 partitions, each individual time you read that ringing that usually means you misplaced concerning 50 to 100 partitions each and every time.

Do your ears and your rockstar vocals a favor and get some plugs.

I know for a fact that I&#39ve misplaced fairly a little bit of my listening to given that I neglected to have on ear plugs when I 1st obtained into rock bands. I also know that my singing was pretty awful.

Weaving your ear plugs is likely to assistance establish better pitch, hear your band mates distinct, strengthen your rockstar vocals, and preserve your hearing.

If you come about to catch my band accomplish someday, check my ears. I don ear plugs each and every time and they&#39re blue. That&#39s for the girls.

Supply by Kyle Hoffman

Jazzing It Up in Dubai

If you are an leisure fanatic, a inventive soul, a serious trades-particular person or a downright junkie, Dubai is the location to be. Dubai has been a trade hub for a very long time but it is also turning out to be 1 of the main entertainment places. In the course of the previous 10 years, music bands as properly as solo artists deem it an honor to be equipped to execute right here. It is no surprise then the youth in UAE are also taking up this enthusiasm extra enthusiastically than at any time ahead of. That is the rationale that an acclaimed tunes producer this kind of as Joshua F Williams, moved to Dubai about a 10 years back again to assist the regional expertise rise to the surface.

In the greater photograph, the final handful of many years have witnessed a innovative adjust in almost everything, each stroll of lifetime there is. Existence have noticeably altered as a outcome of an rigorous progression in technological know-how. Audio sector is no various. From becoming a kind of entertainment to getting an significant professional action, the audio business has arrive a long way. It will basically not be mistaken to say that the need for musicians is practically as a great deal outside the strictly enjoyment realm of tunes as inside it.

Now for Guitar Enthusiasts …

But coming back to Dubai, if you have a passion for songs, specifically guitars, there is no scarcity of unique brands and range you can discover in Dubai. Not just since they are the concentrate of the day, but due to the fact they are a person of the most preferred musical instruments amid the youth as properly as grownup gamers. There are many factors that make guitars a common option for most folks.

For starters, guitars have a distinctively desirable sound. The music, without a doubt the vary of songs they can generate is similarly beautiful to both of those teenage and grownup players. Apart from that there is one thing awesomely all-natural and trendy about the way a guitar is held when 1 is posed to play it. With each other, the songs, the bodily relieve of it and the passion, establish a ease and comfort cocoon for each the players and the onlookers. Last of all, but not minimum, guitar is just one of the most handy portable devices, unlike say drums, which also adds to their desire specially for the youth who like to have their most loved toy on hand where ever they come to feel like they need it or they can uncover an viewers.

Shopping for Tips for Inexperienced persons

There are a handful of things you want to preserve in mind when obtaining any sort of guitar. In a natural way, the to start with step is to decide what variety of guitar you would like to perform. Based on what variety of audio you would like, you usually have to make the alternative among opting for a nylon-stringed guitar or a steel stringed 1. And then there is an endless vary obtainable concerning these two versions. If you are additional into classical music, nylon-stringed guitar is the a single for you. But if you are into folks or state audio, you must go for a metal string. For jazz enthusiasts, it is hollow entire body electric powered. For rock and roll, a good physique electrical. While, a classical guitar is chosen for anyone just starting off out to study. It provides the newbie player the ease of a broader fingerboard which helps make it less difficult to perform the strings as effectively as the convenience of delicate strings to find out string management.

A bass guitar has just 4 strings compared to the six of a guitar. And the two are quite significantly very similar in terms of the technique and string handle but the bass guitar has a distinct tone of songs and a diverse scale size. Certainly it requires a diverse conceptual technique. So definitely, it is a personal preference for a starter if they want to start out off with this instrument.

Ordinarily it is a good idea to invest in a new guitar alternatively than a utilised just one. Some brand names offer a 15-day or even a 30-day value back ensure. If you can get your fingers on just one of these, that indicates you have sufficient time to try out your new gadget, assess your comfort and ease amount with it and see if it is the normal selection for you. If it is not, you can conveniently go for an trade. Having a new guitar also suggests not acquiring to fear about any problems with the made use of guitars. While, the newbie guitars do not have a good resale price, but you have to maintain in brain the sum of observe you will be getting out of them so you want to devote correctly.

Dependent on the brand, good quality, size and qualified degree, classical guitars are available from AED 250 to AED 14,000, the common selling price for a very good vintage basic guitar currently being round AED 650. The cost range for an acoustic guitar is from AED 300 to AED 24,000, the normal cost staying round AED 1,500. For an electric guitar, the variety is in between AED 600 to AED 20,000+. But you can quickly get a excellent quality electric guitar spherical AED 1,500 in Dubai. If you had been to glance at rates for a bass guitar, you are seeking at any place concerning AED 900 to 9,000, averaging spherical AED 2000+ for a top quality. All in all, if you are a beginner and wanting for an affordable excellent top quality and durable instrument, you can very easily get a Yamaha guitar, a F310 All-natural acoustic guitar about AED 500. There were several providers in and about UAE. to go exploring for guitar retailers.

Resource by Emily Kors

Ribbon Getting Ideas

Ribbons are really fantastic at embellishing diverse goods or decorating a selection of factors for your occasion. Whatever the ribbon requires you have, it is essential that you play a part to get the most effective get. With the big assortment of ribbons in the current market today, you need to have to be certain of what you want so that you can purchase the very best. In this article are some obtaining recommendations you can obtain helpful.

1. Know the ribbon types and their benefits and shortcomings. Even nevertheless ribbons are commonly classified into two, they come in a wide range of kinds, largely based on the components they are produced from. Some products are much more sturdy than others and some can also come with styles that add qualities to them. Check out out your solutions and relate them to what you want to reach with the ribbons ahead of generating the ultimate choices.

2. Contemplate the ribbon faces. The deal with of a ribbon is the aspect that is developed to be demonstrated or the best aspect of the ribbon. A ribbon can have a single deal with indicating only a person top rated side or a double confront which implies that each sides can be shown. A velvet ribbon has a one deal with with one particular side becoming delicate and velvety and the other sleek and flat. Silk and satin ribbons on the other hand, are likely to have a double confront the place both ribbon sides are equivalent and it thus does not issue which facet exhibits. Single encounter ribbons are less expensive than double experience ribbons, but double deal with ribbons are less complicated to operate with and additional stunning so take time generating your range.

3. Decide on the ideal ribbon sizes. Ribbons can come in dimensions from 3/8 inches all the way to 3 inches. The job you have in hand really should dictate the size that is most acceptable. Tiny sized ribbons can be great for lacing and can be utilised to update the corset back again of a dressing robe to match with the wedding day colours. They can also remodel celebration invites by introducing an accent to them or they can be utilized for wrapping tiny gifts. Larger sized ribbons can be good for get together decorations or other events that call for their greater dimensions.

4. If you are getting for a huge celebration or project, try as significantly as doable to purchase bulk. They may possibly feel like cheap items, but you can in fact conserve much more when you acquire the ribbons in bulk. When purchasing bulk, make guaranteed that you have the independence to decide on the ribbon types you want and to blend up colors as you want or have the whole order in a given shade, dimensions and variety. The extra versatile the conditions of getting the easier it will be for you to get the greatest ribbons for your undertaking.

5. Pick the most safe method of payment, specially if you are getting your ribbons on the net. The retailer you are acquiring from need to provide you with payment choices that supply you protection as you carry out your transactions.

Supply by Jovia D’Souza

Leather Applique Work – The Grace of Tripura

Tripura, a single of the 7 northeastern sister states of India, is recognized as the hub for cane and bamboo crafts. Its one of a kind topography and the bounties of character make cane, bamboo, and wood abundant in the area. Mainly because of the abundance, the experienced artisans change these bamboo and cane into distinct artwork kinds, this kind of as household furniture, vogue add-ons, decorations, utensils, etcetera. Made fully from hands, these elaborate crafts are beautiful. A single of the most common picks from these is the bamboo or cane mesh with leather-based appliqué.

Bamboo mesh is handmade individually. It is bought by the meter in Tripura. Its value depends upon the fineness of splits, the width of the mat, and the color of the thread. Some of the finest top quality bamboo meshes go into the development of the leather appliqué wall or door hangings.

The elegance of leather appliqué on cane mesh reconfirms the religion in the immortality of art. Hindu deities and sceneries are the key themes. The faces of Lord Shiva, Durga, and Krishna are the particular favorites of the artists. The daring colors and pattern guarantee a modern design and style that appears to be at household in even a modern setting. The vivid models are painted in black, earthen, and brown oil paints are beautiful and when put against the easy but highly effective backdrop of the bamboo meshes, a rare piece of artwork is designed!

Generation of every single piece is a specific approach. Skinny leather is cleaned and dried. It is then slash intricately and is pasted on the mesh with organic and natural adhesive. Interestingly, the artists specifically paint on the cutouts. No pencil sketch is done. 1st, the outlines are drawn primarily in brown shade. Some artists may possibly use black colour as properly. The organic wood color is applied for the most portion of the items. Sometimes, environmentally friendly and red hues may perhaps be crammed in, but usually brown and wooden colour is the mix. For that reason, drawing is the key to this art type. A fluid movement of traces and curves gives out beautiful pics.

A skinny coat of varnish in excess of the leather-based preserves its colours and quality for very a extended time. Nonetheless, however, to retain the luster and sheen of the leather-based intact, it is far better to body or laminate these parts. If you do not would like to do so, then just dust it regularly with a tender dry piece of cotton fabric. By no means expose it to daylight or dampness mainly because daylight will fade its hues and humidity will destroy the leather-based. Do not use business cleansers on it for the reason that they have severe substances that can damage the appliqué.

Supply by Rakhi Sinha

Natural movement strategies are low energy consuming, omni directional, flexible as in walking


An age old trusted heritage of life

skills that develops balance and

wellness in to your lifestyle.


TAI JUTSU – Natural Movement Heritage

Hatsumi Sensei began our instruction in Amatsu principles by explaining two

important fundamental concepts. He explained that the study of Gairon and Tai Jutsu

were connected and vital to our ability to receive his teaching. Without understanding

these principles, we could not continue.

Gairon is the underpinning or foundation of Amatsu. He describes this essence as

sensing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Gairon also interprets as

seeing the whole picture and its thread in any given situation.

“Gaia the Greek goddess of the earth.” “The relationship between the

biosphere and Gaia is like that between your body and you. The biosphere is

the three dimensional geographic region where living organisms exist. Gaia is

the super organism composed of all life tightly coupled with the air, the oceans

and the surface locks.” Lovelock, J. GAIA A New look at life on Earth.

Precafe PXI

Tai Jutsu is more than just a skill or body movement, it is a feeling, an essence born

from nature.

He explained to us that without Tai Jutsu (Natural Movement), then nothing would

exist in the universe. This applies to weather patterns, water flow, opening of flowers

and human development.

The Hichi Buko Goshin Jutsu tradition holds the secret of the opening of flowers, the

very essence of life on our planet.

Victor Schauberger a natural scientist describes it in the following way:

“Were water actually what hydrologist deem it to be – a chemically-inert

substance-then a long time ago there would already have been no water and no

life on this Earth. I regard water as the blood of the Earth. Its internal

process, while not identical to that of our blood, is nonetheless very similar. It

is this process that gives water its movement. I would compare this inner

motion, the origin of all possible physical movement, to that of a blossoming

flower bud. As it unfolds, it creates a vortex-like crown of petals, in the centre

and at the end of which stands the true secret of motion-life in statu nascendi,

in the form of a concentration of movement”.

Viktor Schauberger

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Hi Chi Buko Goshin Jutsu

The school of the secret of the opening flower. The secret of the opening flower is the

interplay of nature’s forces of compression and tension in a state of equilibrium. The

expression of the opening of the flower is the bias of the dynamic power of tension

from within and the interplay of compression from without, giving form to the flower.

In the coming into being as form, the tension inside the flower overcomes the

compression of gravity and external force keeping it as a bud. As with all three

dimensional form being part of the Kyu Jutsu cycle of 50/50 balance (a concept of

balance between insubstantial and substantial form existing as one entity.) Being in

form is the footprint of its past and the precursor of its eventual degeneration. This is

the Ko/Ku cycle of birth/death creation and destruction of earthly form.

Victor Schauberger a natural scientist in the 1930’s describes this form from a watery

origin as our very metamorphis, the coming into being of form.

The form that evolves from the metamorphis of water is built from its liquid prestress

intelligence. Biological structures come into form from a liquid or water origin with a

prestress intelligence to withstand the stresses of compression and tension. As life on

earth, this can manifest as life in air with gravity or underwater depending on its

ecological circumstances.

This ease of evolvement in nature follows the concept of doing more with less known

as “ephemerialisation”. From these origins, any evolvement can be explained through

the science now known as Biotensegrity.

Dr. Stephen Levin’s research in Biotensegrity holds the view that the body is a

tensegrity truss system with tension members provided by a matrix of connective

tissues, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and fascia.

In this model, the bones are considered as spacers, not weight bearers along with

incompressible fluids giving shape and form to a soft tissue entity.

In keeping with this theory of the body being a soft tissue continuum, Hatsumi Sensei

demonstrated to us the concept of a one point therapeutic protocol. This was possible

because of the principle of Gairon utilising the interconnectedness of all the biological

structures of our bodies.

“The continuity or global interconnectedness of the living matrix is essential

to the understanding of the body and the role of energetics in health and

disease”. Oschman, J. Energy Medicine (P232)

He taught us that to apply pressure on one point affected all parts and explained that

with the body movement “Tai Jutsu” you were able to follow the torsional directions

of vulnerable or damaged tissue. He explained that these points of interaction were

known as Kyusho, where change at one point had a critical effect on the whole.

Water in its structured form is enclosed in the body in fascial compartments. It helps

to provide shock absorption and holds shape of a tissue. The different densities of

liquids contribute to their form as either a sol or gel.

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Therefore, as we move from liquid state to a denser tissue determines how the tissue

reacts. This effect carries on through all tissues from fascia to bone.

To begin to understand how these concepts relate to Amatsu and natural movement

power we need to gain an understanding and awareness of the natural flow of energy

and the forces of nature, both on a tangible and intangible level.

In the cycle of precipitation, water falls from the clouds in the form of rain or snow

and eventually finds its way back to the sea. Water falls from the sky and flows

downhill due to the force of gravity. Once in the sea, water rises in the form of

vapour overcoming gravity via evaporation. As it moves, it forms clouds, which are

then driven, back over land where the process starts all over again.

This cycle involves FU (wind), SUI (water) and the natural forces and energies of

gravity and heat. This is a natural example of the interaction of wind and water

following the laws of attraction and minimal energy.

When we choose to ignore nature or work against it, the consequences can be both

unhealthy and energy consuming.

In modernised society, people sit, walk, drive and work in mechanically orientated

patterns. Even in sports you see repetitive and biased movement sequences. This

leads to many postural and musculo-skeletal strain patterns in the body.

Many occupations give rise to repetitive strain injuries that bring pain and

incompetence to our bodies.

Natural movement strategies are low energy consuming, omni directional, flexible

and simple.

To come to an understanding of natural movement principles we need to look at

available scientific data.

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Our role as therapists examining Ampuka (organ ecology) is to identify these

restrictions and their anatomical implications. From their organ sites, we can follow

lines of tension involvement to come to an understanding of their symptomatic and

anatomico-physiological patterns.

This helps to understand cause/effect factors and possible postural biases contributing

to a given pathology.

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Standard methods of evaluating the body were based on Newtonian physics but this

model does not fit our upright bipedal movement against gravity.

Newtonian physics can measure and calculate the strength of structures and the

stresses they become subject to.

In the construction of buildings, especially tall structures, gravity plays a big part in

their stability. The downward compressive force of gravity holds the structure in


This works well until you want to add a horizontal structure to the upright one. This

horizontal structure adds a shear stress to the building and requires reinforcement.

Any additional stresses due to wind or earth tremor complicate the system even


It’s estimated that if the human frame were constructed according to these rules, the

head would be too heavy for the spine to handle. All this before we even begin to

move in three-dimensional space.

Unfortunately, the body is still reviewed and described in outmoded mechanical

anatomical terms. Until the concept of Biotensegrity, the laws describing anatomical

movement were according to Newtonian principles.

Gravity Creates Stability Shear Stress

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In a tensegrity structure, compression elements float in the interspace of the tension

wires. In the body, this would relate to the vertebrae in the spine. Each subsystem

(vertebrae, disc and soft tissue) would be a subsystem of the spines meta system, like

the beehive analogy.

When viewed in this way you can understand their role in balancing tension and

compression when stress is applied to the human frame. Extracts from ‘Spine’ state

of the Art Reviews Vol , No 2, May 1995, Hanley and Belfast, Philadelphia, Ed

Thomas Deman M.D

Loads applied to the body distribute their pressure through the network of tension

elements to create a balance. Even a pressure load to a small bone will distribute the

load through the whole system.

A natural movement strategy in tensegrity truss architectural form is the closest

explanation of nature’s laws at work in the human frame.

Human beings are the only creatures that need to be taught to more naturally.

Hatsumi Lectures 1995

This bio tensegrity makes the art of upright walking against gravities compression an

effortless act for the human. In Newtonian principles when we walk the meta tarso

pharangeal junction is described as a fulcrum for the whole body weight to project

itself forward in a step.

In a lever system you can only pull down. Muscles when they contract in the body

can only pull us downward. Therefore when the small muscles in the feet contract the

downward pull generated cannot give enough power for a lever such as the meta tarso

pharyngeal joint.

This puts a whole new complexion on the natural movement principles that Hatsumi

explained to us.

Bones floating in a compression, tension network can form into trusses and extend out

from the body like a bridge. This makes the body a weight mover not a weight

bearer. So in walking and especially when your on one leg, the balanced tension

maintains the integrity. “Hatsumi says that you must learn to float in your walk”

Hatsumi (2003).

Dr. Stephen Levin in his research of Biotensegrity has studied the pelvis and its

ligamentous arrangement and likened it to a spoked wheel. The pelvis remains

balanced to forces acting both from above and below with long levers. Even the act

of standing on one leg does not compromise this structure of support.

Viewed from the front the pelvis can be likened to the same bicycle wheel analogy.

Diagrams with kind permission of

Dr. Stephen Levin

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If you imagine the bicycles wheel as being twisted it forms a leminiscate giving rise

to the paired innominate bones. The sacrum still in the centre is represented by the

hub. The tensegrity across such a structure gives omni directional stability and


Even the balance of the sacrum between the two iliac bones is supported by soft tissue


To liken the pelvis to an arch suggests that the sacrum is fixed like a locking stone in

a Roman arch or flying buttress.

Form Fit Force Fit

This would require either a form fit or a force fit to secure it in place. Both of these

methods require a lot of friction and are not omni directional flexible and low energy


The boot mechanism of the sacrum is covered with a slippery surface making form fit

or force fit impractical.

The sacrum actually hangs in front of the pelvis and the angle would simple fall

forward. The tiny movements possible at the boot mechanism articulation also follow

a leminiscate pattern and mirror the pelvic analogy to a twisted bicycle wheel.

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These movements can only be made possible in a tensegrous truss system. Levin. S,


The ligaments and soft tissues are “constructed with soft visceoelastic

materials that behave non linearly” Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and

Biology Vol 2,3 and 4, 375-388 World Scientific Publishing Co.

The difference between a mechanical structure and a human in motion is this nonlinear

flexibility of choice in movement.

“In Newtonian physics a four dimensional universe is often described as a

giant clockworks in three dimensional space manifesting linear processes in

time” Power Vs Force D, Hawkins. (2002)

In other words, movement of a structure is determined by a concept of causality.

One-step sequentially leading to the next in mechanical formation.

The human frame is not ruled by this concept and is capable of nondeterministic,

omni directional change inside of movements. This is like changing the formation of

a step when you realise you are going to trip

In the mechanical structure, movement can be created by a cogged mechanism. With

cogs of different sizes and working at different speeds, movement can be created to

drive machines. For example, smaller cogs influencing larger wheels can drive a


In any system like this, there is a critical point where a small force exerted on one of

the cogs could exert the greatest effect on all the cogs.

In the human biological frame these critical points also exist, how many of us have

tripped over a stone? One critical point can affect the whole of our mechanism

Critical Point Even a toothpick could grind the mechanism to a halt

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because of the interconnectedness of our tensegrity members in the soft tissues of the


In the human body, there are many anatomical vulnerable sites where a small force

can exert considerable damage, even death. In budo warrior craft, these points were

studied to gain victory in a fight situation. Even when a person wears armour,

vulnerable places are left exposed at the expense of movement.

Hatsumi teaches the vulnerability of these critical points in the body in his lessons on

Budo. In Japanese, they are called Kyusho and the Kanji or Japanese ideogram for

the word critical is interpreted as meaning danger or opportunity.

In the medicine Hatsumi taught us, he demonstrated the potential opportunity for

these Kyusho to bring about wellness in the body.

By observing motion of a person as they walk he can determine which tensegrity lines

of the soft tissues are compromised. On evaluation, our Orthopaedic tests and muscle

tests verify these findings in a clinical setting.

By applying, a pressure to the compromised Kyusho with an omni directional

flexibility that is delivered by his bodies Tai Jutsu, (Natural Movement) he releases

the critical point.

This pressure does not act locally on the tissue or follow a specific anatomical route

along muscles or fascia. It follows to the depth of the tissue change and can act in a

non-linear dynamic way that matches the tension/compression changes to the

damaged tissue. This is brought about by the ability to palpate deeply into tissue

without force feedback being a resistant force.

Scientific research by Oshman, J. in 1990 has shown that pressure applied to tissue

can affect the viscosity turning a sol back to gel. This has the effect of reducing a

restriction to a moveable structure instantly.

Hatsumi Sensei explained to us, thousands of years ago before pathology of organs

was understood; Ampuka relied totally on tactile feelings. The natural ability derived

from natural movement allows you to follow the directional pathway of a restriction

and angle your thumb to become a fulcrum for change.

In the art of Shinden, he told us that our energy or intent must come from the heart to

our thumb to instigate the change. My initial understanding of this concept was to be

sincere and benevolent or your intent to initiate healing in the client.

This omni directional palpation is described by him as a feeling from the heart of man

and described in an ideogram calligraphy he drew for me.

“Shin Kokoro Kara Ose”

Press from your heart to your thumb.

Although this is important, more recent research has demonstrated that the heart is the

main generator of electricity in the body in the form of energy. Science also tells us

that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted.

This heart feel is the essence of Shin Den applied through the fingers of the therapist

to the critical point requiring this energy conversion. Your touch can actually inject a

behavioural message or intent into the restricted tissue to help disassemble lesion


You can create instantaneous elicitation in tissue through the connective tissue matrix.

Your anatomical, functional and palpatory assessments allow for both a precise yet

global pressure technique.

The is the key to the Heritage of Hatsumi’s lineage of knowledge applied as a therapy.

The essence of Amatsu is to be able to detect and influence these Kyusho to bring

about change in the bodies physiology.

The science of Biotensegrity can demonstrate the dynamic and potentials of this

approach to a natural therapy. This approach has been protected and handed down as

a lineage for three thousand years.

“To know the patterns is subtle power. The subtle power moves all things and

has no name.” Hawkins. D, Power Vs Force (2002)

A ninja’s duty is surely to sneak into the world of science and ensure that it is

the servant, not the master. Hatsumi (2004) Way of the Ninja p127

Hatsumi Sensei has now passed this feeling and philosophy on to us as a heritage to

help mankind.

I have studied many systems that employ soft tissues for release of anatomical lesions.

Massage, soft tissue manipulation and ligamentous articular balancing all employ soft

tissues and ligaments in altering the pulls or stress patterns in the body.

The unique approach of Amatsu in utilising body positioning behind the contact point

makes it a powerful and dynamic method of correction.

He explained to us that techniques are born from the circumstances of the situation.

He summed it up with the following statement:

“The spirit and feeling of a technique are more important than the mechanical

ways to achieve it”. Hatsumi Lectures.

He told us that without this skill you are only pressing, in Japanese this is called a

Shiatsu, to finger press.

Its Tai Jutsu and your feeling that differentiate it from pressing to being therapeutic.

You must be able to palpate deeply and influence the directional route of the lesion.

This is the ageless heritage that brings the wellness from the person.

Takamatsu sensei: “if people remain healthy throughout their life, are

right-minded and neither rush nor are late in their actions, the natural

result is a ticket to paradise, and this also becomes a way for joining

together and uniting”

In the visceral approach, you are focussing on the tension of fascia around the organs.

We need to integrate the concept of one point approach to a tensegrous structure

changing sol to gel in the tissue matrix.

Your tactile evaluation around the anatomical location of the organs can also

determine the pulls that influence the organ restriction. With this information, you can follow lines of tension to identify other structures in the lesion stack. This helps

to identify the priority structure creating the problem. At this site or Kyusho your one

point contact, angle and body movement can create the fulcrum to dissipate the lesion


Once our anatomy and Tai Jutsu are developed, the skill you develop is addressed in

Hatsumi’s words: UNDERSTAND, GOOD, PLAY!

The Scientist knows that in the history of ideas, magic always precedes

science, that the intuition of phenomena anticipates their objective knowledge.

Gauguelin 1974.

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was

accomplished by moving energy. Albert Szent-GyÖrgyi (1960)

Pictogram of “Nin” by Massaki Hatsumi.

Translate to mean, “To endure, to persevere.”


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All of the above are tensegrous strut structures.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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Source by Dennis Bartram