Things to Know Before Building an Android App

It’s significant to study how to build an app on the Android platform because of how many Android operators there are across the world. Building an android app is generally

Basic System Integration Project Steps?

Project At its core, system integration involves assessing a company’s various software assets — including ERP platforms, CRMs, mobile apps — and then creating (or finding) a single software solution

Top 8 Video Streaming Platforms in 2020

There is a number of video streaming platforms so it’s hard to choose the right one at times. In this article, we compare platforms based on the price, features, advantages

Cross-browser Web testing tools

tools At the moment, there is a great variety of competing browsers. In this situation, there are no common standards for displaying sites: each one of them may display a

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The need for a successful Ecommerce SEO strategy is inevitable as online Ecommerce stores are competing fiercely to rank higher in commercial search results to generate more organic free traffic

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iOS

iOS With the introduction of new technologies into real life applications, there are various operating systems available for mobile phones. Developers face condemnatory situations in choosing platforms to build applications.Larger

6 Ways to Avoid a Cloud Migration Failure

Migration A recent research study on the success of cloud migrations has some disheartening news for organizations looking to migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud: 62% of executives surveyed said that their

The Hottest Web Development Trends of 2019

Development There’s been a growing emphasis on the customer journey over the last few years, and 2019 will see more focus on providing a responsive, customized experience to every visitor.

Why, How, and When to Leverage Facebook Live

Research shows that live-streamed content can also be a powerful marketing tool. Seventy-three percent of consumers claim an increased amount of product and brand understanding after seeing and engaging with live video.

Top 5 Cloud Security Solutions for Your Business

Cloud computing has become a go-to option for the majority of companies that are aiming to digitise their assets. However, the rising number of cloud-based businesses has created new opportunities