Natural movement strategies are low energy consuming, omni directional, flexible as in walking


An age old trusted heritage of life

skills that develops balance and

wellness in to your lifestyle.


TAI JUTSU – Natural Movement Heritage

Hatsumi Sensei began our instruction in Amatsu principles by explaining two

important fundamental concepts. He explained that the study of Gairon and Tai Jutsu

were connected and vital to our ability to receive his teaching. Without understanding

these principles, we could not continue.

Gairon is the underpinning or foundation of Amatsu. He describes this essence as

sensing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Gairon also interprets as

seeing the whole picture and its thread in any given situation.

“Gaia the Greek goddess of the earth.” “The relationship between the

biosphere and Gaia is like that between your body and you. The biosphere is

the three dimensional geographic region where living organisms exist. Gaia is

the super organism composed of all life tightly coupled with the air, the oceans

and the surface locks.” Lovelock, J. GAIA A New look at life on Earth.

Precafe PXI

Tai Jutsu is more than just a skill or body movement, it is a feeling, an essence born

from nature.

He explained to us that without Tai Jutsu (Natural Movement), then nothing would

exist in the universe. This applies to weather patterns, water flow, opening of flowers

and human development.

The Hichi Buko Goshin Jutsu tradition holds the secret of the opening of flowers, the

very essence of life on our planet.

Victor Schauberger a natural scientist describes it in the following way:

“Were water actually what hydrologist deem it to be – a chemically-inert

substance-then a long time ago there would already have been no water and no

life on this Earth. I regard water as the blood of the Earth. Its internal

process, while not identical to that of our blood, is nonetheless very similar. It

is this process that gives water its movement. I would compare this inner

motion, the origin of all possible physical movement, to that of a blossoming

flower bud. As it unfolds, it creates a vortex-like crown of petals, in the centre

and at the end of which stands the true secret of motion-life in statu nascendi,

in the form of a concentration of movement”.

Viktor Schauberger

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Hi Chi Buko Goshin Jutsu

The school of the secret of the opening flower. The secret of the opening flower is the

interplay of nature’s forces of compression and tension in a state of equilibrium. The

expression of the opening of the flower is the bias of the dynamic power of tension

from within and the interplay of compression from without, giving form to the flower.

In the coming into being as form, the tension inside the flower overcomes the

compression of gravity and external force keeping it as a bud. As with all three

dimensional form being part of the Kyu Jutsu cycle of 50/50 balance (a concept of

balance between insubstantial and substantial form existing as one entity.) Being in

form is the footprint of its past and the precursor of its eventual degeneration. This is

the Ko/Ku cycle of birth/death creation and destruction of earthly form.

Victor Schauberger a natural scientist in the 1930’s describes this form from a watery

origin as our very metamorphis, the coming into being of form.

The form that evolves from the metamorphis of water is built from its liquid prestress

intelligence. Biological structures come into form from a liquid or water origin with a

prestress intelligence to withstand the stresses of compression and tension. As life on

earth, this can manifest as life in air with gravity or underwater depending on its

ecological circumstances.

This ease of evolvement in nature follows the concept of doing more with less known

as “ephemerialisation”. From these origins, any evolvement can be explained through

the science now known as Biotensegrity.

Dr. Stephen Levin’s research in Biotensegrity holds the view that the body is a

tensegrity truss system with tension members provided by a matrix of connective

tissues, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and fascia.

In this model, the bones are considered as spacers, not weight bearers along with

incompressible fluids giving shape and form to a soft tissue entity.

In keeping with this theory of the body being a soft tissue continuum, Hatsumi Sensei

demonstrated to us the concept of a one point therapeutic protocol. This was possible

because of the principle of Gairon utilising the interconnectedness of all the biological

structures of our bodies.

“The continuity or global interconnectedness of the living matrix is essential

to the understanding of the body and the role of energetics in health and

disease”. Oschman, J. Energy Medicine (P232)

He taught us that to apply pressure on one point affected all parts and explained that

with the body movement “Tai Jutsu” you were able to follow the torsional directions

of vulnerable or damaged tissue. He explained that these points of interaction were

known as Kyusho, where change at one point had a critical effect on the whole.

Water in its structured form is enclosed in the body in fascial compartments. It helps

to provide shock absorption and holds shape of a tissue. The different densities of

liquids contribute to their form as either a sol or gel.

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Therefore, as we move from liquid state to a denser tissue determines how the tissue

reacts. This effect carries on through all tissues from fascia to bone.

To begin to understand how these concepts relate to Amatsu and natural movement

power we need to gain an understanding and awareness of the natural flow of energy

and the forces of nature, both on a tangible and intangible level.

In the cycle of precipitation, water falls from the clouds in the form of rain or snow

and eventually finds its way back to the sea. Water falls from the sky and flows

downhill due to the force of gravity. Once in the sea, water rises in the form of

vapour overcoming gravity via evaporation. As it moves, it forms clouds, which are

then driven, back over land where the process starts all over again.

This cycle involves FU (wind), SUI (water) and the natural forces and energies of

gravity and heat. This is a natural example of the interaction of wind and water

following the laws of attraction and minimal energy.

When we choose to ignore nature or work against it, the consequences can be both

unhealthy and energy consuming.

In modernised society, people sit, walk, drive and work in mechanically orientated

patterns. Even in sports you see repetitive and biased movement sequences. This

leads to many postural and musculo-skeletal strain patterns in the body.

Many occupations give rise to repetitive strain injuries that bring pain and

incompetence to our bodies.

Natural movement strategies are low energy consuming, omni directional, flexible

and simple.

To come to an understanding of natural movement principles we need to look at

available scientific data.

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Our role as therapists examining Ampuka (organ ecology) is to identify these

restrictions and their anatomical implications. From their organ sites, we can follow

lines of tension involvement to come to an understanding of their symptomatic and

anatomico-physiological patterns.

This helps to understand cause/effect factors and possible postural biases contributing

to a given pathology.

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Standard methods of evaluating the body were based on Newtonian physics but this

model does not fit our upright bipedal movement against gravity.

Newtonian physics can measure and calculate the strength of structures and the

stresses they become subject to.

In the construction of buildings, especially tall structures, gravity plays a big part in

their stability. The downward compressive force of gravity holds the structure in


This works well until you want to add a horizontal structure to the upright one. This

horizontal structure adds a shear stress to the building and requires reinforcement.

Any additional stresses due to wind or earth tremor complicate the system even


It’s estimated that if the human frame were constructed according to these rules, the

head would be too heavy for the spine to handle. All this before we even begin to

move in three-dimensional space.

Unfortunately, the body is still reviewed and described in outmoded mechanical

anatomical terms. Until the concept of Biotensegrity, the laws describing anatomical

movement were according to Newtonian principles.

Gravity Creates Stability Shear Stress

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In a tensegrity structure, compression elements float in the interspace of the tension

wires. In the body, this would relate to the vertebrae in the spine. Each subsystem

(vertebrae, disc and soft tissue) would be a subsystem of the spines meta system, like

the beehive analogy.

When viewed in this way you can understand their role in balancing tension and

compression when stress is applied to the human frame. Extracts from ‘Spine’ state

of the Art Reviews Vol , No 2, May 1995, Hanley and Belfast, Philadelphia, Ed

Thomas Deman M.D

Loads applied to the body distribute their pressure through the network of tension

elements to create a balance. Even a pressure load to a small bone will distribute the

load through the whole system.

A natural movement strategy in tensegrity truss architectural form is the closest

explanation of nature’s laws at work in the human frame.

Human beings are the only creatures that need to be taught to more naturally.

Hatsumi Lectures 1995

This bio tensegrity makes the art of upright walking against gravities compression an

effortless act for the human. In Newtonian principles when we walk the meta tarso

pharangeal junction is described as a fulcrum for the whole body weight to project

itself forward in a step.

In a lever system you can only pull down. Muscles when they contract in the body

can only pull us downward. Therefore when the small muscles in the feet contract the

downward pull generated cannot give enough power for a lever such as the meta tarso

pharyngeal joint.

This puts a whole new complexion on the natural movement principles that Hatsumi

explained to us.

Bones floating in a compression, tension network can form into trusses and extend out

from the body like a bridge. This makes the body a weight mover not a weight

bearer. So in walking and especially when your on one leg, the balanced tension

maintains the integrity. “Hatsumi says that you must learn to float in your walk”

Hatsumi (2003).

Dr. Stephen Levin in his research of Biotensegrity has studied the pelvis and its

ligamentous arrangement and likened it to a spoked wheel. The pelvis remains

balanced to forces acting both from above and below with long levers. Even the act

of standing on one leg does not compromise this structure of support.

Viewed from the front the pelvis can be likened to the same bicycle wheel analogy.

Diagrams with kind permission of

Dr. Stephen Levin

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If you imagine the bicycles wheel as being twisted it forms a leminiscate giving rise

to the paired innominate bones. The sacrum still in the centre is represented by the

hub. The tensegrity across such a structure gives omni directional stability and


Even the balance of the sacrum between the two iliac bones is supported by soft tissue


To liken the pelvis to an arch suggests that the sacrum is fixed like a locking stone in

a Roman arch or flying buttress.

Form Fit Force Fit

This would require either a form fit or a force fit to secure it in place. Both of these

methods require a lot of friction and are not omni directional flexible and low energy


The boot mechanism of the sacrum is covered with a slippery surface making form fit

or force fit impractical.

The sacrum actually hangs in front of the pelvis and the angle would simple fall

forward. The tiny movements possible at the boot mechanism articulation also follow

a leminiscate pattern and mirror the pelvic analogy to a twisted bicycle wheel.

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These movements can only be made possible in a tensegrous truss system. Levin. S,


The ligaments and soft tissues are “constructed with soft visceoelastic

materials that behave non linearly” Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and

Biology Vol 2,3 and 4, 375-388 World Scientific Publishing Co.

The difference between a mechanical structure and a human in motion is this nonlinear

flexibility of choice in movement.

“In Newtonian physics a four dimensional universe is often described as a

giant clockworks in three dimensional space manifesting linear processes in

time” Power Vs Force D, Hawkins. (2002)

In other words, movement of a structure is determined by a concept of causality.

One-step sequentially leading to the next in mechanical formation.

The human frame is not ruled by this concept and is capable of nondeterministic,

omni directional change inside of movements. This is like changing the formation of

a step when you realise you are going to trip

In the mechanical structure, movement can be created by a cogged mechanism. With

cogs of different sizes and working at different speeds, movement can be created to

drive machines. For example, smaller cogs influencing larger wheels can drive a


In any system like this, there is a critical point where a small force exerted on one of

the cogs could exert the greatest effect on all the cogs.

In the human biological frame these critical points also exist, how many of us have

tripped over a stone? One critical point can affect the whole of our mechanism

Critical Point Even a toothpick could grind the mechanism to a halt

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because of the interconnectedness of our tensegrity members in the soft tissues of the


In the human body, there are many anatomical vulnerable sites where a small force

can exert considerable damage, even death. In budo warrior craft, these points were

studied to gain victory in a fight situation. Even when a person wears armour,

vulnerable places are left exposed at the expense of movement.

Hatsumi teaches the vulnerability of these critical points in the body in his lessons on

Budo. In Japanese, they are called Kyusho and the Kanji or Japanese ideogram for

the word critical is interpreted as meaning danger or opportunity.

In the medicine Hatsumi taught us, he demonstrated the potential opportunity for

these Kyusho to bring about wellness in the body.

By observing motion of a person as they walk he can determine which tensegrity lines

of the soft tissues are compromised. On evaluation, our Orthopaedic tests and muscle

tests verify these findings in a clinical setting.

By applying, a pressure to the compromised Kyusho with an omni directional

flexibility that is delivered by his bodies Tai Jutsu, (Natural Movement) he releases

the critical point.

This pressure does not act locally on the tissue or follow a specific anatomical route

along muscles or fascia. It follows to the depth of the tissue change and can act in a

non-linear dynamic way that matches the tension/compression changes to the

damaged tissue. This is brought about by the ability to palpate deeply into tissue

without force feedback being a resistant force.

Scientific research by Oshman, J. in 1990 has shown that pressure applied to tissue

can affect the viscosity turning a sol back to gel. This has the effect of reducing a

restriction to a moveable structure instantly.

Hatsumi Sensei explained to us, thousands of years ago before pathology of organs

was understood; Ampuka relied totally on tactile feelings. The natural ability derived

from natural movement allows you to follow the directional pathway of a restriction

and angle your thumb to become a fulcrum for change.

In the art of Shinden, he told us that our energy or intent must come from the heart to

our thumb to instigate the change. My initial understanding of this concept was to be

sincere and benevolent or your intent to initiate healing in the client.

This omni directional palpation is described by him as a feeling from the heart of man

and described in an ideogram calligraphy he drew for me.

“Shin Kokoro Kara Ose”

Press from your heart to your thumb.

Although this is important, more recent research has demonstrated that the heart is the

main generator of electricity in the body in the form of energy. Science also tells us

that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted.

This heart feel is the essence of Shin Den applied through the fingers of the therapist

to the critical point requiring this energy conversion. Your touch can actually inject a

behavioural message or intent into the restricted tissue to help disassemble lesion


You can create instantaneous elicitation in tissue through the connective tissue matrix.

Your anatomical, functional and palpatory assessments allow for both a precise yet

global pressure technique.

The is the key to the Heritage of Hatsumi’s lineage of knowledge applied as a therapy.

The essence of Amatsu is to be able to detect and influence these Kyusho to bring

about change in the bodies physiology.

The science of Biotensegrity can demonstrate the dynamic and potentials of this

approach to a natural therapy. This approach has been protected and handed down as

a lineage for three thousand years.

“To know the patterns is subtle power. The subtle power moves all things and

has no name.” Hawkins. D, Power Vs Force (2002)

A ninja’s duty is surely to sneak into the world of science and ensure that it is

the servant, not the master. Hatsumi (2004) Way of the Ninja p127

Hatsumi Sensei has now passed this feeling and philosophy on to us as a heritage to

help mankind.

I have studied many systems that employ soft tissues for release of anatomical lesions.

Massage, soft tissue manipulation and ligamentous articular balancing all employ soft

tissues and ligaments in altering the pulls or stress patterns in the body.

The unique approach of Amatsu in utilising body positioning behind the contact point

makes it a powerful and dynamic method of correction.

He explained to us that techniques are born from the circumstances of the situation.

He summed it up with the following statement:

“The spirit and feeling of a technique are more important than the mechanical

ways to achieve it”. Hatsumi Lectures.

He told us that without this skill you are only pressing, in Japanese this is called a

Shiatsu, to finger press.

Its Tai Jutsu and your feeling that differentiate it from pressing to being therapeutic.

You must be able to palpate deeply and influence the directional route of the lesion.

This is the ageless heritage that brings the wellness from the person.

Takamatsu sensei: “if people remain healthy throughout their life, are

right-minded and neither rush nor are late in their actions, the natural

result is a ticket to paradise, and this also becomes a way for joining

together and uniting”

In the visceral approach, you are focussing on the tension of fascia around the organs.

We need to integrate the concept of one point approach to a tensegrous structure

changing sol to gel in the tissue matrix.

Your tactile evaluation around the anatomical location of the organs can also

determine the pulls that influence the organ restriction. With this information, you can follow lines of tension to identify other structures in the lesion stack. This helps

to identify the priority structure creating the problem. At this site or Kyusho your one

point contact, angle and body movement can create the fulcrum to dissipate the lesion


Once our anatomy and Tai Jutsu are developed, the skill you develop is addressed in

Hatsumi’s words: UNDERSTAND, GOOD, PLAY!

The Scientist knows that in the history of ideas, magic always precedes

science, that the intuition of phenomena anticipates their objective knowledge.

Gauguelin 1974.

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was

accomplished by moving energy. Albert Szent-GyÖrgyi (1960)

Pictogram of “Nin” by Massaki Hatsumi.

Translate to mean, “To endure, to persevere.”


Castaneda, Carlos. Readers of Infinity

Deman, Thomas. M.D. Spine state of the Art reviews.


Gyorgyi, Szent. Albert

Hatsumi. M, Dr. The Way of the Ninja

Hawkins, David R., 1995 Power vs Force

Lovelock, J. 1979 GAIA New look at life on earth.

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Takamatsu. Sensei


Hatsumi. M. Dr. 1995, 2003

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Flemings. T.

Levin. S, Dr.

Snelson. K, []

All of the above are tensegrous strut structures.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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Source by Dennis Bartram

Gizmos And Their Value In Our Lifestyle

Devices are electronically simplified programs that make operate straightforward. They participate in a substantial purpose in the typical man’s life and we have grown so utilized to it that it results in being pretty tough for us to think of day-to-day lifetime chores in the absence of gadgets. Ranging from a washing machine, a chimney or an electric powered hub, the churner or simply just the tv set gadgets have invaded each individual and every single section of our lifestyle and have proved by themselves to be useful.

Gizmos and their significance

1. Gizmos maximize our efficiency. Prior to the invention of the phone or the extra the latest e-mails, sending messages and letters would take times to reach its place. The tender wares applied for software in the internet and the telecommunication are nothing at all but complex gadgets. These gizmos in fact have increased human productivity in phrases of do the job and manufactured the entire world a superior place to dwell in.

2. A gadget provides pleasure to the relatives. With the advent of website-cam and other movie components, keeping absent from spouse and children and mates is no lengthier distressing. These gadgets can make distant factors arrive in the vicinity of and will make human accessibility pretty straightforward.

3. Gizmos make issues compact- Choose the case in point of a Swiss Army knife. It can be made use of as a spoon, knife, twizzer, bottle opener, fork and so forth. In a one gadget a consumer can get the function of additional than a person product or service.

4. They enable in conserving space. Initially in the early a long time of telecommunication the wired handsets could be positioned at a recommended situation only for connectivity. With arrival in technological innovation, mobiles have been invented that authorized users the liberty to obtain calls when shifting all around. With a blackberry a single can also avail net services when moving close to.

5. Gadgets are enjoyable! iPods, tunes units, video clip games, DVD and most critical of all the well known fool box of ours-“Television” want no introduction as to how pleasant have they manufactured our lives. These complex gizmos have the electricity to make us smile by getting obtain to our thoughts and desires. They are instruments that can ward off the feelings of loneliness. They are so exciting that it essentially gets to be extremely essential to combine them with our life.

So, gadgets not only make our lives a lot easier but also help you save our cash and treasured time. Getting a solitary gadget will give us the capabilities of many. This tends to make gizmos low-priced and affordable. It can for that reason be concluded that gadgets are not only significant since they make our lives easy but also because we can perform with them.

Supply by Kavin Lee

5 Techniques The Cinema Brewery Knowledge Has Reinvented Motion picture Night time

The notion of a “cinema brewery” would have been an alien notion only a several several years in the past. For many years, film theaters, nevertheless steadily offering extra products, ended up noticed as areas exactly where you acquired your common dose of popcorn, boxed sweet, and smooth beverages. But as tastes and expectations of the film-likely public commenced to adjust and develop into extra refined, the old-college motion picture property and drive-in theater gave way to the multiplex. Only possessing the selection to view a person film was no for a longer period an selection with which any individual desired to be trapped.

So, as well, came the alterations when it came to the kinds of foodstuff and drink staying available at film theaters. Patrons needed a lot more options, and as traits & preferences adjusted, these similar patrons determined they needed obtain to healthier meals decisions that tasted very good & had been cafe high quality. The serious kicker came in phrases of the opposition that was ramping up in between multiplexes competing for business enterprise. Now, moviegoers had the alternative to only go to a further theater to get the practical experience they required.

These exact tendencies have undoubtedly designed their mark in modern society, with patrons pushing for much more high quality elements and nutritious possibilities at fast-food dining establishments. Also, the new restaurant patron was trying to get new culinary thrills and was prepared to pay out a little more for greater excellent & an total dining practical experience in which they actually knowledge a meal. Together with this refined palate adjust came the want for beer to have more style, a bolder feel, and an consideration to top quality substances that showcased the brewer’s enthusiasm.

In the finish, the cinema brewery turned an amalgamation of all of these foodstuff and drink developments in culture and at the all-encompassing movie theater encounter. Now, website visitors were being privy to:

1. Good quality handmade foods with provider
2. Drink decisions primarily based in on-website award-winning beer breweries
3. An ability to look at the very best in recent motion picture choices
4. Stellar visible and seem high-quality devices in location
5. Chances to use the facility for corporate/group occasions

These 5 issues are the consequence of cinema breweries not only acquiring a area of interest in the amusement market place, but they are a immediate result of purchaser enter & comments. In lots of techniques, the existence, and flourishing enterprise of, the cinema brewery may mark a golden age for the having to pay general public unwilling to simply just settle for what is actually introduced to them. Their voices have been listened to, and for most, the concept that they have to pick from a restricted menu of any form (i.e., meals, drink, films) while the price ranges increase would not make feeling.

1 remaining aspect to the affect of the cinema brewery is that it produces a social hub and a way to get folks out of their homes once all over again. Certain, the home movie experience is astounding in its personal approaches, but nothing beats being ready to observe a terrific film while taking pleasure in wonderful eating & craft beer with pals, family, and other folks who are as discerning as you when it comes to a excellent time.

Resource by Morris Raymond

Dwelling Interiors

Most of us are living in residences that were created and built for a populace which experienced a lifestyle which was poles apart from our own modern day life which even though we have endless contemporary appliances to make housework so a lot a lot easier we deficiency the time to are living our lives in such a way as to be most effective to our souls and that is why our households are so vital as the pretty lynchpin/hub of our lives – it ought to be a nest/retreat for the total family members that no issue what daily life throws at us there is somewhere to escape to which is both of those relaxed and practical.

Imagine you are a stranger in your home for the 1st time what are your impressions? Is your dwelling welcoming? Is it fresh and light-weight? No two persons have identical tastes and choices. In rooms that have personal indicating, awareness of place and ease of accessibility we practical experience uplifted spirits

Rooms need to observe a simple theme to functionality most successfully these as taking in and sleeping. In pretty fundamental phrases a bed room should be calming and peaceful, a kitchen shiny warm and useful, a sitting down place comfy and relaxing and bathroom tranquil. The reality of interior design and style is that quite couple of us can find the money for to modify all our household furniture and equipment each and every time we re-decorate or go or would even want to.

The magic formula to producing the most of an inside plan is staying ready to place all the odd ball assortment of furniture and smooth furnishings and photos that you would not be without having in these types of positions as finest fit each the physical appearance of the home and your life-style so you will have not only an beautiful but useful area.

There is no these point as the best home. When you ended up searching for a new house and made a decision on the a person you are living in there would practically surely have been an space or some portion of it which you weren’t joyful with but were geared up to compromise on the foundation that it fulfilled most of what you required. There are specific items that cannot be improved these types of as transforming a terraced dwelling into a detached property but there are ways in which you can expand your property upwards, downwards or even backwards. By simply making use of distinct colours you can create symmetry and space in a space or re-arranging the household furniture. Very good storage, decorating and lighting tricks can make a earth of distinction devoid of likely to the expenditure and inconvenience of shifting.

1 detail you can be guaranteed of, if you depart anything just how it is year on yr you will fall short to see it in the stop.

Supply by Carol-Ann Meader

The Prime Galleries for Contemporary Style in Rome

Rome might residence some of the oldest artwork in civilized history, but it is also a hotbed for a stunning selection of institutions for modern day style and design. In Rome, if you are keen to soak up the postmodern artwork scene, you unquestionably want to pay back these establishments a visit.


The Nationwide Museum of 21st Century Arts, also recognized as MAXXI, or the Museo Nazionale delle arti del XXI Secolo, is Rome’s initial ever nationwide museum for modern art. MAXXI’s spacious inside and delicate curves are a stark distinction to its roots as a military services barracks. It is now one of the most outstanding centres for contemporary style and design in Rome and really should be 1st on your checklist of places to see through your pay a visit to to the town.

Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch

The Marie-Laure Fleisch Gallery is a single of the far more creative exhibitions, as it works by using just one of the world’s oldest and most revered mediums for artistic expression – paper. You can uncover rather the inventive selection of displays that make whole use of the several unique attributes of paper – creating it a should-see for the artistically inclined. Just make absolutely sure not to light up whilst inside of the gallery – you would not want to burn the whole exhibit to the ground with a stray ember!

Chiostro del Bramante

The Chiostro del Bramante is the perfect fusion of Renaissance architecture and up to date style and design in Rome. Its fantastically renovated cloister delivers a excellent backdrop for many artwork reveals and live performances, so it is usually really worth trying to keep an eye on the regional schedule.

Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery

Ermanno Tedeschi launched this gallery in 2011 with the specific goal of bringing collectively Italian, Israeli and European art into a single effortlessly obtainable exhibit. This marriage of the three art scenes can open up your eyes to special viewpoints that would have been overlooked if not for all 3 models becoming brought with each other below. The gallery is by appointment only, so make arrangements before checking out.


The Furini Arte Contemporanea Gallery is a hub for modern day style and design in Rome built specifically for budding artists who want to showcase their art to the environment. This is the place to go to if you want to breathe in contemporary views from Italy’s youth, which can enlighten you on what views and models the next generation of artists are gravitating to.


This is a gallery brought to lifetime by a relative newcomer on the up to date artwork scene – James Gardner. It is distinctive in that it makes use of not just the displays but also the room inside of the gallery as perfectly. The art items are arranged in these types of a way that they interact playfully (and fairly effectively) with the a few-dimensional area of the gallery, which is why it warrants special mention in this list.

Supply by Roberta Stuart

A Superior Teether Pet for Your Baby

Little ones are incredibly impressionable when they’re nevertheless younger, and toddlers are the most impressionable of all children, since they learn countless numbers of new points every day, and they live as a result of an massive number of ordeals when they’re younger. All these impressions have to be processed, and this expenditures electricity and of course can make them vulnerable to the troubles, sicknesses and other problems which come with their younger age.

One particular of the very first issues they are going to have to overcome is finding their initially enamel, and this system can be quite unpleasant for the reason that it involves their minor tough enamel pushing via their gums, which can result in major problems, a sensation of strain and a significant ache. All these difficulties cannot be prevented, but the procedure can be significantly accelerated by offering your baby an correct teether to chew on so that its tooth arrive out more quickly and much more quickly. Offering your boy or girl a teether is a wonderful way of aiding it get by means of these exciting situations with as tiny discomfort as doable, and it is the most effective you can do to help your infant.

Vulli is a significant child-toy brand and they also make excellent-seeking teether in the shape of animals like giraffes and bear, and their most famous products is Sophie the Giraffe, a plastic giraffe whose clean floor and soft substance tends to make it effortless for your little one to chew on it without having too much suffering, relieving it of its toothaches and encouraging it to rapidly get much better.

The Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teether is a excellent product or service for your newborn which can assistance it expertise their early childhood as a far more pleasurable and fewer distressing instant in lifestyle, and supplying your newborn a most of convenience is effortless if you can give it such a fantastic comforting companion.

Resource by John Aromatic Stewart

Deliver the Most Lovely Bunch of Handpicked Bouquets to Hyderabad On the net

Hyderabad, the city that is booming with energy right from the second the sunshine rises in the sky is the IT Hub of India. The town, which has men and women catching their carpool at all several hours of the working day, to go make the major laptop and programs purpose seamlessly all more than the planet, is also a metropolis of people with coronary heart.

The blaring movie music of well-liked Tollywood strike quantities on the walk down the Queens Necklace promenade in the evening, and all by the evening tends to make the city as significantly energetic as well.

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Bouquets At Any Hour Of The Working day:

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What Helps make Zambia Safari Exclusive?

Zambia is Africa’s greatest retained magic formula. It is the sleeping big of African safari. It really is also the welcoming individuals and the peace the country safeguards and proceeds to delight in. Which is what helps make the region a haven of peace for refuges from civil attempt. …And Zambia is the hub of African vacation.

Zambia is located in south central Africa with 8 neighbouring nations around the world. There are 19 national parks and 34 game administration places. Thus a whopping 30 % of the country’s 752,614 sq kms . The region has the premier drinking water methods in southern Africa. There are significant empty tracts of land in pristine state and a large wildlife estate. Zambia’s distinctive all-natural assets consist of minerals this sort of as copper, important stones and lumber both of those indigenous hard wood and tender unique pinewood timber.

The National Parks

Of the 19 countrywide parks South Luangwa is Zambia’s premier sport reserve. The South Luangwa Countrywide Park has almost certainly the biggest wide range and focus of activity in Africa and most likely in the world. Specialists in wildlife safari contemplate the 9,990 sq kms park has some of the very best viewing locations. It is rated just one of the major sport reserves in the entire world with a exclusive profusion of wildlife. Some animals are uncommon and only discovered in the park. An example is the Thornicraft giraffe.

A further activity reserve is the Kafue Nationwide Park. The sprawling 22,400 sq kms is the 2nd biggest countrywide park in the globe and is about the sizing of Wales in Britain and twice the sizing of Yellowstone Countrywide Park in the United states. The park is located in the central-western Zambia and offers fantastic sport viewing, chook looking at and fishing.

The park has two exceptional wetlands. The Busanga Floodplain in the northern sector is special. The emerald environmentally friendly Lunga, Lufupa and Kafue Rivers crisscross it. Listed here are located multi-species of animals and birds. The Busanga plain is an antelope country. The endemic lechwe fill its plains. The park’s southern restrict also breaks into a further wetland the Nanzhila Plains. The plains are upcoming to Zambia’s newest lake at the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam.

Copper and Gemstone Reserves

Aside from the fauna and flora estate the region retains 6 percent of the worlds copper reserves. In addition Zambia is the major producer of cherished and semi-precious gemstones together with the rare beauty, the inexperienced emerald. Amethyst, garnet, tourmaline, citrine and their verities are also observed in Zambia. Most of the concluded and semi-concluded gemstone products and solutions are exported worldwide.

Tracts of Land and the Wilderness

The inhabitants to land ratio is one of the least expensive in Africa. At less than 15 people today per sq km it is a single of the cheapest in the planet. The sparse population has remaining a significant portion of Zambia unspoiled and in its normal point out.

You get to see teeming wildlife in pristine wilderness. The wildlife is completely ‘wild and untamed.’ Some of the animals have had little or no get in touch with with human beings. So the nationwide parks current wildlife in its all-natural habitat, the very same way character has generally wanted it to be.

The Rivers and Lakes of Zambia

Zambia’s big rivers, lakes and wetlands are regarded as to hold the most significant part of h2o methods in Southern Africa. There are four significant rivers. The Zambezi Riverhandles the premier section of Zambia from northwest by means of southern to southeastern. The Kafue.>Luangwa nearly cuts off the japanese aspect of the region. But the Chambeshi that discharge into Lake Bangweulu in north-central Zambia has experienced title alterations along its course. Soon after leaving Bangweulu it adjustments its title to Luapula River. It gets to be the Congo River on leaving Lake Mweru and getting into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the south is Lake Kariba on the Zambezi. It was the largest man-built lake till the Aswan and the Cobara Bassa have been dammed. Lake Kariba is the hottest place for safari investment decision apart from the Victoria Falls. One more is Lake Bangweulu surrounded by white sand seashores and by the tenth biggest wetland in Africa. The wetland is the dwelling of the endemic lechwe antelopes and the uncommon shoebill stork. The 3rd is Lake Mweru on the border with Democratic Republic of Congo. And Lake Tanganyika Africa’s deepest lake has its southern tip extending into northern Zambia.

The Wild Zambezi River

Just one river that deserves mentioning is the Zambezi River just after which the place is named. From its source around Kaleni Hills in the northwestern corner of the state the Zambezi cuts a lying down “S” form as it flows through its course a full of 3,450 kms prior to discharging into the Indian Ocean. Its entrance at the ocean is remarkable for it finishes in several river channels termed a delta.

The Zambezi passes via shifting landscapes and setting. From the rapids in the notrhwest through the huge river and the website of the “Likumbi Lya Mize” ceremony of the Luvale individuals. It then passes by way of the Zambezi floodplain where the Ku-omboka ceremony of the Lozi persons usually takes put. Afterwards the river traverses a hilly region and will become wide and tranquil. Suddenly the river breaks into the world’s most amazing waterfall. This is the mystic and awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

Ahead of the waterfall the Zambezi passes through a stage near Kazungula the place four nations around the world meet Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Nowhere else do countries converge on one particular point in a fashion these as this.

Down stream of the waterfall the Zambezi collects into a lake at Kariba Dam. Down stream it is joined to begin with by the Kafue, Zambia’s 2nd premier river and secondly by the Luangwa River at a confluence exactly where 3 international locations satisfy: Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. …And ahead of its mouth at the Indian Ocean the Zambezi River types the next and more substantial lake at Cobara-Basa Dam in Mozambique.

The Beautiful Victoria Falls

Now the Victoria Falls is some thing value conversing about. Its great, gorgeous and a earth heritage website. The Toka-Leya men and women of Chief Mukuni who have often lived there have built numerous shrines for their deities and ceremonies. Since of the steady thunder from the most significant curtain of slipping water and the accompanying mist that plumes from the bottom of the gorge they have called the waterfall “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” meaning the “smoke that thunders”. But I like the other name. “Shungu wa Mutitima”.

Minimal surprise Dr David Lingstone the well-known Scottish missionary medical professional and explorer could not resist to compose in his dairy, “…scenes so pretty will have to have been gazed on by angels in their flight.” Because the attractiveness is great. Dr Livingstone was the first European to see the waterfall on November 16, 1855. He named it right after Queen Victoria.

At the base of the falls are pink Kalahari sands. Reverse the waterfall it rains 24 hrs a working day 7 days a week (24/7). This mist rain nurtures a little rainforest. And two rain bows far too. One is viewed throughout the working day and the second happens at evening on a whole moon. These are the preferred photo voltaic and lunar rainbows of Victoria Falls …but then that is an additional tale!

Journey Centre and the Safaris

After the Victoria Falls the Zambezi River passes by nine gorges it has cut down 122 metres deep. The 9 gorges are in truth previous waterfalls at unique levels of the advancement and migration of the falls up stream. This migration covers the earlier 150 million years!

Now the gorges are a breathtaking sight. They also sort component of the location where by adrenaline pumping adventures take spot – whitewater rafting around 22 rapids, bungi leaping by 122 metres, gorge swinging, abseiling, river boarding, jet boating, etcetera. It is for this explanation that Livingstone city around the Victoria Falls is now acknowledged as the Southern Africa Adventure Centre.

If you have a daredevil spirit get to the air in a microlight flight. Fly about the Victoria Falls, enjoy animals in the nearby Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park…and get genuinely close to the cascading h2o of the world’s premier curtain of falling h2o. But if you would rather like mundane pastime then you might want to love the “Flight of Angels”. Hire a helicopter or in fact a rigid wing plane. Even this alternative will be your life’s unforgettable practical experience.

Where by to Stay

The banking institutions of the Zambezi River are dotted with many lodges and tenting web sites. A go to to the Zambezi Waterfront might be what you want. Far more appealing though is the concept models of most lodges. They have a sturdy African architectural design.

The Sunshine Global resort is the hottest inclusion and is designed closest to the Victoria Falls. The vacation resort is a combo of two accommodations: one, the Zambezi Solar is a three star hotel only minutes from the Victoria Falls and the other the Royal Livingstone is a five star royal opulence.

The purple walls of the Zambezi Sunlight depict attractive symbols of prehistoric instances. The color of these African drawings is similar to the Kalahari sands found at the base of the falls. But the luxury of the Royal Livingstone is all very distinct. The ever current butlers and team have on uniforms reminiscent of the gown of Dr Livingstone at the time he found out the waterfalls a person and half centuries back. He named the waterfalls in honour of Victoria, then queen of England.

Following to the Mosi-Oa-Tunya Countrywide Park is another new resort. Chrismar Hotel has just been done around the 60 sq km countrywide video game park. It is as if the lodges and lodges are ‘popping’ up each day!

In Lusaka the capital metropolis of Zambia you may obtain other exciting resorts and lodges the 5 star Taj Pamodzi, the 5 star Resort Intercontinental, Getaway Inn and other great resorts.

The non-public match lodges are all inside of fifty kms. Popular types are the Lilayi Lodge, the Protea Safari Lodge, and Chaminuka..>How to Get to Zambia

The choice is extensive. You can opt for to get there by air and land at any of the 4 global airports that have total tailor made and immigration amenities. Mfuwe International Airport is on the boundary with the Zambian leading game reserve, the South Laungwa Countrywide Park. A further is at Ndola on the Copperbelt of Zambia. And nonetheless a further is the Lusaka Intercontinental Airport 22 kms from the funds metropolis of Zambia. But Livingstone International Airport is distinctive. Only 8 kms from the Victoria Falls whose first sighting you get from the air on method to landing.

And then you could opt for to get there by highway from any of the eight neighbouring nations but largely from Bostwana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Get on a airplane or vehicle and come to Zambia …And you’ll leave without having at any time forgetting Zambia safari!

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Advertising Computer system Equipment For Your Organization

The Personal computer Age has in excess of the yrs spawned a lot of off-shoot industrial actions. It has experienced a particular impact in the region of Promotional Products. It commenced with Mouse Mats. When enquiries for these first appeared suppliers were being desperately hoping to come across resources for perform spots for small rodents – it was a lengthy time back.

Desire for the item immediately took off and has remained large ever given that. To have this kind of a helpful products practically “underneath the nose” of consumers speaks for it is self. They have significant print locations, usually 200 x 240mm, so very good use of graphics can create great imaging. The first Tough Prime Mouse Mat is in a position to be printed in four-color approach so artwork can be generated to suit most advertising and marketing applications – from a gentle and delicate to high effect.

There are now numerous variations of the primary strategy. The selection of Mouse Mats are readily available in a selection of unique types – liquid-filled to your have color plan, textile-protected , inexpensive tender and versatile, lenticular, bespoke- shaped, hard plastic and lots of a lot more. They are also developed with integral wrist rests and calculators.

Adhering to on from this initial success the variety of personal computer-related solutions has increased significantly. The personal computer mouse adopted rapidly and the vary of these now includes optical, liquid-stuffed, transparent, and travel kinds. Just one most current addition incorporates an net cellular phone.

The solution most in need these days, nevertheless, is the flash drive which now has just about anything up to a 2 GB memory. These can be employed in many distinctive ways but most generally as presents to prospects of an item with your possess enterprise info in a really straightforward “down-loadable” manner.

Originally the memory dimensions out there were being 32 an 64mb. As time passed they ended up being made with larger sized-sized capacities and desire for these larger kinds meant they became considerably less and a lot less pricey as more and far more were developed – as with quite a few other goods.

Peripheral laptop-similar products now stretch to USB Cup Warmers, USB Hubs, Clocks, Fans, and many others.

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A Lesson Plan Practically Incorporating Instructional Technology for Reading Skills

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

-John Dewey

Lesson plan is believed to be a scheme that sets limits to the extent of teaching in a particular time and place with varying formats depending on any educational institutions’ discretion. This presented lesson plan does not claim to switch any other formats of lesson plans but rather tries to basically introduce how a lesson can be integrated with simple forms of technologies while students engage with activities to efficiently refurbish their macro skills and language awareness for effective interaction. Modern language learning does not only entail macro skills and linguistic skills but achieving the essentials how technologies are used in the classroom among learners is a must in a continuously expanding digital learning environment. This semi-detailed procedural lesson plan that adheres to the fundamental and essential components of a learning blueprint seeks to encourage the creativeness of teachers to incorporate instructional technologies in any method it is possible.

Lesson Plan for Level B1’s Reading Skill

I. Behavioral Objectives

At the end of the reading lessons, the B1 students will be able to:

1. scan and predict the content of the passage

2. obtain main ideas of the passage

3. gather details found in the passage

4. create inferences from the text

5. use Microsoft word processing fundamentals

6. immerse and utilize technology-related learning tools

7. Appreciate the use of technology in language learning

II. Subject Matter


Reading 1: Customs around the world

Unit 2: Customs and Tradition

From Pages 36 & 37

Unlock 3 Reading and Writing Textbook for B1 level

By Carolyn Westbrook

Cambridge Press, Fourth Printing 2016

Target Student level: B1 from Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR)

Time Frame: 60 minutes

III. Materials:

Soft copies of activities for screen display and downloads

Hard copies and soft copies of activity sheets

Projector for passage displays

Internet to surf pictures and to propel the Blackboard

Students’ Blackboard account to download files

Teacher’s Blackboard account to upload files

Desktop computer for class activities

IV. Procedure

a. Preparation

Set all the materials as tools in the teaching and learning process. Create classroom as an atmosphere for conducive learning. It is suggested that the behavioral objectives or intended outcomes may be underscored for students’ prior awareness.

b. Motivation

• The teacher uses this portion as a springboard that links students’ attention to be engaged with the lesson.

• The teacher presents a globe’s picture from the internet in the absence of a globe. The teacher may further substitute it with a Google map.

• The teacher displays pictures of people around the world with varied customary gestures onscreen in a PowerPoint presentation

• The teacher elicits responses from the students on what do these gestures mean. The teacher indiscriminately collates all possible responses and be able encourage students to write accepted answers through a spider gram and relate their accepted responses to the main word in the graphic organizer.

• The spider gram should have a soft copy enlarged by a projector for the students to complete on the spot. All responses should be transparent for the students’ inquiries.

• Students are requested to fill-in the blanks using the classroom computer.

• The teacher may further ask some customary gestures which they are familiar with and may additionally relate the pictures to that of the globe presented in class.

c. Presentation of the lesson

• Overview some reading essentials through a PowerPoint presentation

• Provision of a background knowledge regarding passage comprehension

• Delivery of some techniques in answering comprehension questions. These ideas are displayed onscreen.

d. Lesson Proper

Discussions are followed by activities displayed onscreen. Answers in every activity will be highlighted, circled, underscored, italicized and painted, respectively by the students. Errors of one students’ may be the errors of others so it is beneficial to display answers done by students individually. This involves teacher roles and students’ roles. The teacher strives to adhere on the principles of facilitation rather than lecturing depending on the students” performance exhibited in the process.

• The teacher explains scanning and predicting.

Students will response to activity numbers 1 & 2

• The teacher introduces the meaning of main ideas

Students will perform reading activity number 1.

• The teacher discusses what details are with concrete examples.

The students are going to deal with activity number 4.

• The teacher elucidates inference as a part of reading

The teacher explicates by elaborating what ” reading between the lines” means by providing specific examples and guiding the students on the task related.

The students will perform activity number 5.

V. Evaluation

The teacher frames or customizes an example of a passage if there is no available authentic passage as a springboard to test the students’ abilities on scanning and predicting the content, obtaining main ideas, assembling and creating inferences from the customized text.

Answers are deliberated by the teacher for common understanding

VI. Generalization

The teacher accentuates on the importance of reading and how effective reading comprehension is achieved through learners’ abilities in scanning, predicting, determining main ideas, assembling and creating inferences.

VII. Homework

Read the passage, A British Wedding found on page 40. After reading, open your Blackboard account and download two (2) files related to this text.

• The first file contains activity sheets that tasks you to fill-in the gaps regarding the passage.

• The second file entails you to complete the tree diagram for text comprehension.

• You are required to bring these sheets for further discussions about Reading Number 2, tomorrow.

Incorporating instructional technology in language teaching doesn’t need to be complex or sophisticated. Through the basic technological materials, the lessons become worth-engaging and worth -exploring. Excerpted film clips, film soundtracks, film opening and closing credits, an excerpted dialogue, digital script, film posters, music video, songs, film biography, film trailers, book reviews from the cyberspace internet graphics, music or sounds, reading passages from the internet, popular speeches, pictures, tables, Blogs, Facebook posts and comments, YouTube clips, live or print varied advertisements, recorded recitals, newscast among others, are materials that trigger practical technology -related instructions. As noticed, these authentic materials are media forms and productions that necessitate the employment of multimedia and technological tools. These phenomena further stress that integration of technology in instructions is always interconnected with the interplay of print and audio-visual media and are absolutely operated by multimedia highlighting the fact that the multiple and prolific growth of multimedia are propelled by rising technology to produce media forms which are now advocated by innovative educators in an authentic learning environment in the design of curricula and instructions. Access to these materials yield the occurrence of students’ technological involvement guided by well-designed lesson plans characterized to be specific, measurable, aligned, realistic or relevant, and time-bound (SMART) just as how their behavioral objectives are keenly observed as students ‘performance indicators. Furthermore, the success of technology integration in lessons is measured through the manipulation of technical tools by both teachers and students to attain a two-way pedagogical process.

Finally, the educational world of learners in the contemporary times is digital. It is crucial that students must be brought into authentic learning environment for the creation of a real- world to be explored by by productive learners. “Social tools leave a digital audit trail, documenting our learning journey-often an unfolding story-and leaving a path for others to follow,” as Marcia Conner articulates. Every educator embraces the fact that learners and educators in the contemporary times are called maneuvers of a digital age for a more globally digital world through the academe as the hub of a continuing instructive progression.

Source by Marvin Wacnag Lidawan