5 Most Popular Web App Security Testing

The importance of reliable web security is hard to overstate. Vulnerabilities in web applications can open your business to devastating attacks. There’s a lot of information about web app penetration

Progressive Web App development : Course

Given that Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, contain features of both websites and pure native apps, they keep one step ahead. As applications that are downloaded from the Internet, progressive web

10 Best Low-Code Development Platforms for 2020

Lines of code are the bricks that applications are made of. Using these bricks, developers build different functions, operations, and designs, which are then united into a solid solution. But

How to Utilize Technology for the Betterment

Betterment The world is now driven by technology and it can be leveraged in smarter and more effective ways to improve performance and flexibility in our lives. So to reap

Data management in cloud computing

cloud computing Data is born around us to evolve every second. This process promises the ability to return anywhere, anytime but the information must also be protected properly with the

How to Become a Full Stack Developer

Whether you are a newbie or experienced personnel in the field of website development, you surely have heard about the full stack development. So what is it all about and

Frequently Asked Questions: Google MyBusiness

Search engine registration enhances your local SEO and makes your business more visible within online searches. Most search engines typically have their own registration process, but the one that sees

Protect your Business with Electronic Vaulting

Business We live in a time where honesty and integrity don’t go as far as it used to. It’s unfortunate but true. There are predators out there who will take

Enterprise Application Security Best Practices 2020

Enterprise with a poor application security system, the companies might suffer from financial losses, and may even experience loss in reputation. Not only that, but the companies may even suffer from

Securing the Process for a Trustworthy Election

Process Democratic nations should have full confidence in the security and integrity of their electoral processes. No voter should ever wonder if their vote was manipulated in favor of a